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Theme C

Lead: Wolfgang Theis

Is our current understanding of nanoparticle dynamics valid for  Metal NanoClusters (MNCs), and what happens when we approach the atomic scale of  Single Metal Atoms (SMAs)?

We develop and apply advanced local-probe in situ methods and in operando ensemble measurements revealing the atomic-scale dynamics of metals and their reactions with molecules; and we determine physical phenomena emerging at the interface between MNCs and surfaces.”



Dr Gazi Aliev


Gazi has recently joined MASI and is leading on imaging SMAs/MNCs utilising high-angle annular dark-field  abberation-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy, and fabrications on nanoclusters by mass-selected magnetron sputtering.

Dr Huanxin Li


huanxin li
Huanxin is investigating mechanisms of electrochemical reactions, including Raman spectro-electrochemical measurements on SMAs/MNCs.

Alex Davies


Alex is studying for a PhD, and supports MASI by investigating the state metal atoms and their complexes with small molecules in gas phase by resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization, zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy and 2D-laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy.