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Seminar with Dr Arkady Krasheninnikov

Dr Arkady Krasheninnikov of the Ion Beam Centre, Helmholtz-Zentrum, Dresden, visited Nottingham and gave a talk entitled "Engineering the structure and properties of 2D materials through defect creation and intercalation"

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26th January 2023


Functional Materials Seminar with Chilean Universities

Jesum, Anabel and Andreas gave talks at a recent symposium bringing together researchers across UoN and Chile investigating functional materials for energy applications.

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13th December 2022


Prof. Ute Kaiser Seminar

Prof. Ute Kaiser of the University of Ulm, Germany, delivered a seminar entitled 

"Controlling Interactions of Electron Beam with Atoms: New Pathways to Imaging and Tailoring Properties of Low-Dimensional Organic and Inorganic Materials"

Ute and her group are longstanding collaborators with the University of Nottingham and are a MASI Partner.

25th July 2022


Congratulations to Dr. Luke Norman!

Congratulations to Dr Luke Norman who won Best Poster Prize at the recent Faculty of Science Symposium at the University of Nottingham.

21st July 2022 

New MASI publication

Congratulations to MASI researchers Hiba Azim, Alex Davies and Prof. Tim Wright for their recently-accepted publication in Molecular Physics entitled

"Interactions in coinage-metal/ligand complexes, CM–L, and their cations (CM = Cu, Ag, Au; L = CO, N2 and H2)"


21st July 2022 


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Latest Publications

A high-throughput, solvent free method for dispersing metal atoms directly onto supportsKohlrausch, E.C., Centurion, H.A., Lodge, R.W., Luo, X., Slater, T., Santos, M.J.L., Ling, S., Mastelaro, V.R., Cliffe, M.J., Goncalves, R.V., Alves Fernandes, J., Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9 (47), pp. 26676-26679., 2021

Blurring the boundary between homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis using palladium nanoclusters with dynamic surfaces, Cano, I., Weilhard, A., Martin, C., Pinto, J., Lodge, R.W., Santos, A.R., Rance, G.A., Åhlgren, E.H., Jónsson, E., Yuan, J., Li, Z.Y., Licence, P., Khlobystov, A.N., Alves Fernandes, J., Nature Communications 12 (1) 4965, 2021